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I'm not making much of a dent in my big pile of "comics and manga to read." At least I've finished one series.

Hot Gimmick 12 spoilers )


Jul. 21st, 2006 10:02 am
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Because everything needs a sequel!

Tokyopop is going to release Return to Labyrinth. Apparently, Jareth still remembers Toby. Now that he's a teen, Jareth plans to take Toby (oh gawd, my mind just went to the slashy place) and make him the next Goblin King.

I do love how the Tokyopop summary does not mention Sarah AT ALL.

And Toby totally looks like Ouran's Nekozawa.
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The more I read/watch Ouran High School Host Club, the more I want to marry Kyoya, adopt Tamaki and keep Mori as my cabana boy.

I need to download the opening theme song.

Also, yay! Someone reposted the Booster and Blue Beetle cookie-stealing adventure!

oh my!

May. 4th, 2006 11:20 am
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re: Ouran High School Host Club

Tamaki is so straight, he's gay.


Feb. 28th, 2005 04:27 pm
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I finally read my copy of Until the Full Moon. It's not so much cracktastic but incredibly silly. I think it's even sillier than FAKE.
Volume 2 is supposed to show up on Borders' shelves later in March (in its super evil limited release), as well as volume 8 of Hot Gimmick (yay, more melodrama!).

I think the SO finds it conceptually funny since he used to play a lot of vampire MUSHes where someone's RL relationship would inevitably have to manifest itself in the game and we would get classic lines like, "Why can't you understand we're a vampire and a werewolf in love?!" However, my boy still wouldn't touch that manga with a 30-foot pole.

So sad this week's OC is a rerun--and the Paris Hilton rerun at that. But really, what could possibly follow the episode that had best first five minutes of all time and not be an utter disappointment?!

And speaking of disappointment, L Word episode 2 spoilers )
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On Monday, I finally broke down and went to Borders to buy Sanami Matoh's Until the Full Moon.
I still haven't read it yet because I think it may be too cracktastic for me.
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Sanami Matoh, the woman who wrote my all-time favorite silly, silly, silly manga about gay cops who have the vocabulary of 13-year old girls, has a new US release out called Until the Full Moon; it's a manga about an incredibly pretty and really gay werewolf/vampire hybrid who turns into a girl under the full moon (I needs my shounen-ai CRACK)--and it's currently being held hostage by Borders Books.

The publisher, Broccoli Books, has made the first volume of Until the Full Moon exclusively available through Borders until April 2005, and the last volume until May.

I like buying stuff from my local comic book store so... you know.



Nov. 9th, 2004 10:41 am
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Still here, just incredibly busy at work and rushing to do all those knitted gifts at home.
Still reading the f-list though.

I will see the Incredibles this week, I will, I will!

And my manga reading habits have veered into unadulterated CRACK.


Jun. 9th, 2004 09:01 pm
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In the Fruits Basket manga, Momoji is like a little Hedwig--but without the angry inch.


May. 10th, 2004 10:29 pm
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Lo, I am a naughty online comic geek for I have neglected to keep track of...
*big breath* )

What have I been doing instead? Reading shounen-ai and cheesy shoujo mangas (Damn you, CLAMP, and your cute pastry chefs!).

Waaah! Fake's over! The last volume came out last week. Waaaah!
I'm currently downloading scans of "Like Like Love" which is a epilogue of sorts, that was published in one of Matoh Sanami's art books--books which I am having the damndest time finding online. With the exception of the mangas and the OVA, there is nothing out there.
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I have eaten a lot this weekend. I've had a lot of Indian and a lot of Korean BBQ (my clothes still smell like Hot Pot City). I think I may have consumed my weight in tapioca milk tea.

I also got the second volume of the Fruits Basket manga where I spent an obscene amount of time cooing over the prettiness that is Hatori. And there's this weird facet of the Shigure/Akito relationship that wasn't covered in the anime.

I have a love/hate relationship with Chobits. I keep saying I'll stop reading it but Ueda, the really cute pastry chef, always calls me back.

And d00d, planning and organizing a wedding is really hard. Vegas elopement all the way.

It's going to be a slow day today at work so you might see more spammage.


Feb. 6th, 2004 11:04 pm
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I am suffering from some major manga withdrawal.
I've given up on Chobits, the next Fake isn't due until March, and the first volume of Fruits Basket won't be out until next week.
While I was searching for images to turn into icons, I found some really cute pictures: all three are from Paperthin Pleasures, which is shutting down in March so it's a mad scramble to download as many images of Fake, Fruits Basket, Yami No Matsuei, and other titles before the site's gone.

some manga piccie spam )
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I blame my cravings for crepes filled with ice cream and soba noodles on Fruits Basket.

The sister dragged me to Japantown today where I bought myself a Copic marker (I still don't know what I'm going to do with it) and volume 4 of FAKE (the release date is for November).
Even though it makes me giddy to have even more Ryo and Dee snogging, I need to buy a new volume 4 since some of the pages came out really light (not unreadable but the black values aren't very black).
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Tokyopop says the third volume of FAKE is out now but none of my local shops have it.
Need more Dee and Ryo snogging.

I finished Fruits Basket over the weekend. I really love this anime.
ShigurexHatorixAyame for evah!
Unfortunately, the manga series is still ongoing so the end of the anime has lots of unresolved issues. I still don't understand the intricacies of the Sohma curse.
Tokypop plans to release the first volume next February.

Currently, I'm halfway through Marmalade Boy series. I'm having a real hard time convincing myself to continue (though the Ben and Matt joke totally made getting the fourth volume worth it). It's a little high on the drama, and lacking in actual story and characters I actually like. I'm just ambivalent towards everyone, with the exception of Miwa and Arimi who I think are asses. It's just like Friends!

The Battle Royale manga has been out since May but no one local carries it. Jon bought the novel but apparently the movie and novel state different reasons why Battle Royale is necessary (the movie implies teenagers have become a menace and an example must be made while the novel says Battle Royale is a great equalizer and everyone gets to die for their country, either in a war or in this game). Since the manga is based on the movie, I figure it's the best way to find out a lot of the dialogue the subtitle people on the movie didn't bother to translate.

I haven't gotten around to seeing the second volume of Please Teacher but now that Fruits Basket is over, I'll have the time to do that now. Blue Monday and Big O are next on the list.

And I have jury duty tomorrow, which requires a one-hour trip on the train. Boo! Hiss!
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Heh. Jon is absolutely appalled at my taste in animes and mangas.
I'm taking a break from magical schoolgirls and have moved onto reading about pretty boys, who despite their prettiness, never seem to get any action.

Currently, I am reading Fake. It's about two bisexual and achingly pretty New York cops. Despite the sexual tension, Ryo and Dee always get interrupted by someone or something. I find it amusing and silly. And there's actual kissage, which is a nice change of pace from all those longing gazes Touya and Yuki give each other in Cardcaptor Sakura (and I mostly read that for Kero and Sakura's costumes). It amuses me that Dee always tries to sneak in a little tongue.

I also got a copy of Please Teacher. My sister warned me it was ecchi and the description of the series on the back of the case makes it sound really bad: the writers go to great lengths to make sure Kei is 18 years old but still in high school when he meets Mizuho and there are the random and gratuitous cleavage shots. Mizuho's love of Pocky convinced me to buy the DVD (it helped it was on sale and came with free stuff). The story's actually sweet and pretty tame (after all, the premise is that a high school boy hooks up with his super hot teacher), but then again I'm only four episodes into the series.

I think Fruits Basket is next on the list of animes to check out, because I'm a sucker for high school romances.


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