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Since ours was a destination wedding and we had guests coming from different parts of the country, the Husband and I set up a little wedding web site at the Knot (d00d, it was easy and free). It has a sister site and publication called [the nest] (dear god, it really has brackets in its title) which is all about newlyweds and married life.

The Husband and I are a few months short of our first year anniversary, and a free copy of [the nest] found its way into our mailbox.

It only seemed to ultimately cover three things: buying real estate, birth control, and how to conceive. It also had a cutesy article about going into business with your spouse. It amused me because in all of the profiles, both the marriages and the businesses were less than 3 years old. Its only redeeming quality was an unamused dog that was in the background of most of the pictures in the home decor pictorial.

Never has a magazine made me want to slit my wrists so badly. Whatever lifestyle this magazine is pushing, it is full of DO NOT WANT.

I fully admit that I am a former subscriber of Cosmopolitan, Lucky and Glamour. Kitsch is always high on my priority list. There are times when each of these publications hit "awesomely bad" levels, and they are always unintentionally hilarious. However, [the nest] just makes me want to cry and drink.
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Vegas was TEH AWESOME.
I didn't get to see everything or everyone but I did get to drink some shots off of Lenin's head and I found a way to make one of my guy friends cry... a lot. Bwahahahaaha!

Still on vacation, but I shall be back home next week where I will start the posting of pictures.


Nov. 13th, 2006 04:32 pm
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If you plan to make fun of the contents of another person's grocery basket, be sure to have more than just brandy and a Snickers in your own.

Hear ye!

Oct. 30th, 2003 06:45 pm
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I decree that tonight is Guilty Pleasure Night.
I'll be watching the furry episode of CSI and The Thin Man while eating popcorn and sipping booze-spiked hot chocolate because I feel like crap tonight.


Apr. 28th, 2003 09:40 am
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You know it's not right when I get seriously tipsy when I drink hot chocolate that's been spiked with amaretto and Bailey's.
Watched a bunch of season 3 Buffy. Dear lord, I miss Oz because when Oz was around, we still had adorable!Willow and not the current recovering world destroyer.
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I have "Nick and Nora" listed as an interest. After watching The Thin Man a couple of years ago, Jon and I aspire to be just like them: idle rich and slightly drunk--though with less liver damage and hopefully with children who don't have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
So it just dawned on me, of the people who have Nick and Nora listed as an interest, how many are referring to William Powell and Myrna Loy, and how many are referring to the pajama company?
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Huzzah! I am sober!
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I mean really, if I didn't already have plans this weekend, this would make an excellent alternative to Valentine's Day.

Thanks for the link, [livejournal.com profile] usufruct!


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