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I can't stop watching this!
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One of my favorite movies is "The Best Years of Our Lives" which is about 3 WWII vets coming home and readjusting to civilian life with varying degrees of success.

It also sparked one of the best jokes on the Golden Girls: when Dorothy finds out Blanche is dating a military officer & plans to leave to become an army wife, she says, "Blanche, these aren't the best years of our lives, these are the LAST years of our lives."
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"Hey, Anne, how do you spell 'freckles'?"

"Hey, Josie, how do you spell 'ugly'?!"

ZOMG I forgot about this scene.

Oh, Anne of Green Gables, you just keep unfolding like a flower.
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I don't know which is better: the random LeVar Burton or the thanking of the cigarettes.
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NPR's Parsing the Bechdel Rule

I especially love the little Middleman shout out.

Unfortunately of the three shows NPR says passes the Bechdel Rule (and its people of color variation), one is long canceled and another may get canceled (The Middleman ratings haven't been so great).

eta: looks like ER will be ending next year, so it's possible that none of NPR's picks may be around next year. ;_;
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I was without my laptop for a few hours and without gchat or twitter to vent my sugar-fueled dementia, I started to fill a notebook with crackfic Gargoyles/Eureka/Coupling plot bunnies.

This may be worse than the time I thought I should write a Fake/Gargoyles/Law & Order crossover.

Mmm, TV

Jul. 29th, 2008 12:48 am
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I'm watching an unknown episode of Spaced where Nick Frost is sporting aviator sunglasses, tiny shorts and a mustache, and he looks awesome.

I finally watched the season premiere of Mad Men and I'm so happy. 'For Those Who Think Young' blatherings )
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Poor [livejournal.com profile] mognetcentral.
I think I spit on her a couple of times during my rabid fangirling of the Avatar finale.

Also, I'm now shipping everyone/everyone.


Jun. 20th, 2008 11:27 pm
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Moll Flanders is on Doctor Who!
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I am currently watching Swingtown and whoo boy, am I regretting it.
I was super excited because it's Jack Davenport in bad 70s hair and equally bad clothes, and Miriam Shor (from Hedwig and the Angry Inch, as in "Look, Yitzhak, immigration!") just makes me happy.
It's just so cheese-tastic and probably because it's on network TV, it's pulling all its punches. For a show about swingers who use recreational drugs, it's pretty damn tame. I swear I've seen more scandalous things in a Sister Wendy documentary.
I'm only two episodes in and I'm already bored to death. Last week's episode had a triple date at the Chicago Playboy Club but none of the leads did the Hustle. I really, really wanted to see Scruffington do the Hustle. I think I'm going to hold out for one more episode since I've been promised a fondue party.

Ultimately, I think it will be up to Mad Men to give me my period drama fix--which won't be out until July 27. Those AMC bastards.
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Another reason to love Ace of Cakes: Mary Alice just said, "Operation Cookie Clusterfuck!"
I did not know this but Charm City Cakes sells more than just t-shirts and beanies, they also have drumsticks with the bakery's logo. ZOMG it would be super awesome for the friends who love Food Network AND own the Rock Band drum controller.

After seeing [livejournal.com profile] ziggybecket's awesome Chinese New Year photos, I totally want a new qipao. I really like this one but I think it's because it looks so much like my Grandmother's when I see pictures of her from the seventies. And this one looks a lot like my prom dress. Shhhh! I know I already have a gorgeous red qipao in my closet.

Somewhere along the line I graduated from being an eyeshadow whore to a cream eyeliner whore. I can't stop coveting this liner in Black Honey and these liners in Espresso Ink and Black Plum Ink.

The new Ace Attorney game isn't out until February 20 and I've already hit a plateau with The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Fucking Temple of the Ocean King. I finished Eternal Sonata a few days ago, and I'm debating whether or not to replay it in Encore Mode to get all the remaining score pieces, and possible gaming achievements.

I am intrigued by Professor Layton and the Curious Village. I'm a total sucker for these mystery/puzzle games and it comes out 10 days before Apollo Justice which might help me savor my lawyer adventures a little longer.

Karrie's picked up on a cute meme: just post a cap of your desktop.
VoilĂ !
Read more... )
I snagged the desktop icons here and the wallpaper from this person. I really didn't like the Cowboy Bebop movie but that was a very pretty scene, and there's enough contrast for me to actually read what my icons say. I've also learned it's very hard to find desktop wallpapers for 1680x1050 screens.
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My local PBS station has been airing Vicar of Dibley, and I'm so loving it. I have a vague memory of Sean Bean having a cameo, but he hasn't popped up yet. I was totally sold on the show when one of the characters said--in what could be my favorite insult ever--"she's one teat short of an udder." It's also introduced me to what may be the prettiest word for "slaughterhouse".

The series finale is airing next week (PBS has been showing the episodes out of order) and I'm really looking forward to it, least of which for the random Dr. Who references: the matron of honor dressing up as the Tenth Doctor and the Dalek bridesmaids (Alice as 10 at 2:31, Daleks at 7:52).

The entire series is now out on Region 1 DVD. I'll probably Netflix it since I'd like to see the series the way it aired, plus it will have the all Comic Relief specials.

PBS has also been airing Coupling, and I've been watching that--which is silly since I own the DVDs so I can watch all the Jeff I want and completely ignore Oliver. The last episode aired back in 2004 and it ended on a bit of cliffhanger so I've been a bit peeved that Steven Moffat and all the actors have been too busy to make series five.

Thankfully, Moffat has posted epilogues for all the characters (on wiki via a Dr. Who message board which is why it took me so long to find it):
just in case )


Jan. 7th, 2008 10:13 am
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I don't know what's better: Tim Goodman's review of Cashmere Mafia (and it looks like the Chronicle is too arsed to print a paper & ink edition) or the ensuing wank in the comments.

I met up with two of my old college roommates for dinner and we spent far too much time discussing the possible plot for the upcoming Sex and the City movie. I dread the upcoming commercials and press junket.
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I think I've picked up a bug: I've been sleepy and achy but I'm not sneezy or stuffed up so it's not what the husband had over Christmas.

I'm currently watching Sound of Music on ABC so I've been subjected to ads for the Cashmere Mafia. I totally love Miranda Otto but the show already makes me want to slit my wrists. I guess Pushing Daisies really is the only good thing on ABC and that often borders on being twee.

Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is currently kicking my ass so I've been playing a lot of Beautiful Katamari which I have found easier than Katarmi Damacy.


Oct. 29th, 2007 04:17 pm
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One of my coworkers is circulating a catalog of tchotchkes for her kid's school fundraiser.

What do I see? Avatar: the Last Airbender Coin Sorters!
(You know, those plastic tubes that if you fill them up will have of 50 cents worth of pennies or $10 worth of quarters).

Each tube has a picture of one of the leads.
Sokka is the penny tube. Poor Sokka.
Season 1 Zuko is the dime tube. I wonder what that says about Zuko's "equipment"?

The set is going for $8.50, and the whole thing is so hilarious, I think I am compelled to own it.
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Tim Goodman has a less than stellar review of Viva Laughlin.

I'm not surprised but disappointed all the same.

eta: holy shit, it's already been canceled.
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I have been purling twisted (i.e., through the back loop) this entire time.

I only found this out when I received the new Knit Picks' catalog, that featured a little section on stockinette and I noticed their "hot cross buns" (row 1: knit, row 2: purl tbl) looked just like my regular stockinette, and I looked at their "How to purl tbl" picture and I realized THAT'S HOW I PURL. OMG!

I think it took me so long to find out because I usually knit stockinette in the round, and no one in my knitting group noticed it before because we are drunk and knit in the dark.

To make myself feel better, I bought Supernatural season 1 and the entire Jeeves and Wooster series on DVD.


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